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We have started a photo series of Wild Edibles found mainly along the Atlantic Coast of Canada (but can be found across the continent). Check out our PHOTOS – CAMPING/BUSHCRAFT page for updates. Or follow our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts for more frequent information. Soon we will turn them into articles explaining  in detail what you can do with some of these great plants, that we so often call weeds.

Catch and Release Method from the Newfoundland and Labrador Natural Resource Dept.

In discussions concerning Green Energy often the topic of tidal power will arise. Here’s a short video by two individuals who have spent a lot of their time exposing the dangers associated with Tidal Power. If you care about fish and the future of fish populations in the Minas Basin and surrounding areas, check this out.



Did you know that we currently offer three maps to help you enjoy your fishing experience even more? We have a map highlighting barrier free lakes in Nova Scotia, stocked trout lakes in Nova Scotia, and the ice fishing lakes found in this province. To visit any of these pages, visit our MAP page.